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The Société française de vexillologie (S.F.V.) was founded on 16 March 1985 as an association by Hervé Pinoteau, Lucien Philippe† and Pierre Charrié. It is registered under French laws and its seat is currently located on 8 rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris, France.

Since 1 July 1991, the S.F.V. is a full member of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (F.I.A.V.) that was founded on 7 September 1969 and whose current President is Michel Lupant from Belgium. As a F.I.A.V. member, the society regularly participates at International Congresses of Vexillology (I.C.V.) that take place regularly every two years, since 1965. Its publication is the bulletin Francia Vexilla edited and sent to its members on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

The S.F.V. and its member aim to popularize vexillology throughout France and to bring some popular interest on this young but exciting form of investigation that can be discussed as a scientific topic as much as a simple hobby.

For this purpose, the S.F.V. endeavours to connect all the people developing some kind of interest for flags, wether specialists or not.

The S.F.V. also aims to represent French vexillologists at international level and to develop exchanges with foreign institutions pursuing the same goals.

The S.F.V. shall not promote any flag for patriotic, ideological, commercial or any other purpose.